1. 1.     What is the Iowa City Education Association (ICEA)? 

The ICEA is a local branch of the ISEA (Iowa State Education Association) and the NEA (National Education Association).  We are the certified bargaining representatives for all the teachers and paraeducators within the ICCSD.  ICEA currently has almost 700 members and is ever-growing.


  1. 2.     What services does the ICEA provide to members?


As a member of ICEA/ISEA/NEA, you receive programs and services like bargaining, representation, professional development, legal assistance, publications, member benefits, and more.


  1. 3.     What has the ICEA done for its members?

ICEA has bargained what is considered the most comprehensive negotiated agreement in Iowa which includes a starting salary of $43,119 and the #1 average salary in Iowa —  $62,495 (which is $6000 more than the national average).

ICEA works closely with the District administration to ensure teachers and paraeducators have a voice at the table when decisions are being made.

ICEA represents members continually at meetings with administrators on a variety of issues.

ICEA assists members in lobbying state and local legislators on education issues.

ICEA is an important volunteer partner each year at events such as Run for the Schools.


  1. 4.     If I have a problem, who do I contact?

Your first contact is your Building Rep.  Your building rep will know who to contact for further assistance if needed.


  1. 5.     If I cannot get a hold of my building rep, who do I contact?

For issues related to the negotiated agreement, contact ICEA Rights co-chair Nathan Kelly at Lucas – kelly.nathan@iowacityschools.org

For other issues, contact ICEA Rights co-chair Dawn Zacek at Penn – Zacek.dawn@iowacityschools.org

You can also contact Brady Shutt at Liberty High – shutt.brady@iowacityschools.org  or Mitch Gross at West High– gross.mitch@iowacityschools.org , ICEA co-presidents.

You can also contact your ISEA UniServ Director, Jane Elderding at 800-378-6305 or Jane.Eldering@isea.org

  1. 6.     If my administrator wants to meet with me about a personnel issue, do I have the right to ICEA representation? 


  1. As a member, you can request that an ICEA representative attend the meeting with you.  It is your right to request a meeting at a time that an ICEA representative can attend, even if this requires rescheduling your original meeting.


  1. 7.     What is UniServ and where is our UniServ office located?

“UniServ” is short for “Unified Service.” And that’s what the UniServ program is all about. While ISEA and NEA headquarters staff provide a wide range of specialized programs and services for members, our UniServ program is designed to bring those programs and services directly to the local level. ICEA is part of the East Central UniServ Unit (ECUU) which has an office in Cedar Rapids.  ECUU has two UniServ Directors (Jane Elderding and Jeremy Kunz) and one secretary (Bobbi Carver) to assist you. They are on-call to help with individual contract problems, negotiations, membership development, political action, or training activities. If you have a job-related question or feel that your rights may have been violated, help is only a phone call or e-mail away.  The office phone number is 800-378-6305.


  1. 8.     Do any of my dues dollars go to political candidates?

No. Dues dollars cannot be spent on political campaigns. Only voluntary contributions designated for ISEA-PAC (Political Action Committee) or NEA’s Fund for Children and Public Education go to candidates who support children and public education.


  1. 9.     How do I join the Association?

You can contact your Building Rep for a membership form.



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